Hubble | Labrador | Bakersfield, CA

Hubble The labrador joins us for two weeks of our board and train program. Hubble is a sweet boy with some manners in the home but is difficult to manage otherwise. He has some anxiety when being outdoors so he’s constantly on alert and he cannot focus on his commands. We will be working on socialization around humans, dogs, high-level distraction environments and lots of confidence building. Stay tuned for his transformation.

Hubbler is currently weighing 77.85

pupdate #2

pupdate #3

Hubble did much better at the park today! Yesterday he bolted out of the car and was unsure if our surroundings and also filled with tons of excitement. Today he was much better and ready to take commands from me and exited the crate calmly every time.

pupdate #4

Hubble worked at the park today where he saw plenty of dogs, people and cars. He got some attention by a family and was tempted to be hyper but is already doing amazing at holding command.

pupdate #5

Hubble struggled with sitting on the cot at first and was sitting everywhere around it except fully on it but once he learned it’s a safe space he completed the command with ease. His down command is also much better now as I don’t need to apply leash pressure as often and his understanding of all commands is greatly growing

Pupdate #6

Sweet Hubble has been doing fairly well around my personal dogs but continues to be a bit shy when first coming out. He continues to eat well and go potty normally. We trained at home and he is completing all commands using the collar and some leash pressure.

pupdate #7

pupdate #8

Hubble is moving along great, during our park session she even started to work a little bit Offleash. He’s catching on to commands quickly and it’s always ready to eat when we get back home. Over the last week, although he is very sweet once you get to know him, I have noticed that he initially barks at a new person when he sees them from his crate.

pupdate #9

pupdate #10

Hubble continues to do great while now also showing his silly side. He has definitely opened up a lot more and is willing to be playful while also understanding when it’s training time. Both Hubble and Goose continue to have a normal appetite and go potty normally.

pupdate #11

Hubble was a great listener today. He was able to hop on and off of a raised platform whenever he was told to do so. His ability to remain calm and confident really shined through in this exercise!


pupdate #12

Hubble practiced for his transformation video at an outdoor mall called the Americana in Glendale Los Angeles. He did amazing on and off leash and was able to greet strangers without jumping on them.

pupdate #13

Hubble was taken to an outdoor mall called the Americana in Glendale. The mall has lot of different distractions, but Hubble remained calm and stayed laying down until told otherwise.