Toby | Mix Beagle | Bakersfield, CA

Hi everyone! Meet Toby, he is here for our rehabilitation program due to his reactivity. When toby’s family makes too much noise and creates high level distractions, Toby reacts aggressively. We will be teaching Toby manners and providing him with socialization around humans, dogs and multiple distractions.

pupdate #2

We practiced place indoors today in order to make sure that Toby understood the concept and was not too pressured. It still was a challenge and he hesitated but ended up feeling much more comfortable and confident the more we practiced.

pupdate #3

As we continue to challenge Toby he is catching on more and more each day. Place has been going great and we been practicing both sets and downs for different variations and from different distances.

pupdate #4 

We worked on duration commands today. With a duration command the goal is for Toby to hold command until released regardless of the scenario he is in. Today he was around three brand new dogs that he has not worked around, great work Toby this was a huge challenge!

pupdate #5 

Toby has been doing so great with place that while at our park session we decided to give him a bigger challenge! Toby worked on all commands on top of this park bench. He saw plenty of squirrels cars and people passing by and they did great with all of the distractions.


pupdate #6

pupdate #7

Toby got special treatment today! We pampered him to a bath and mail trim and he did great. Even after his bath, he continues to lick his leg which is leaving some irritation but he does not seem to be in pain. Training is going great! 

pupdate #8

Toby worked on multiple commands today and completed them while on place and on the floor. Toby was able to complete a challenging task of holding command around a huge distraction, a cat! Good boy Toby

pupdate #9

Toby has been finishing his meals and going potty normally. Socialization has been going well, he’s gotten lots of practice at the shop around other dogs constantly coming in and out and commands are going very smoothly. More off leash practice to come! 

pupdate #10

pupdate #11


pupdate #12